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The innovative poultry software developed by ADA

Created, developed and marketed by Animal Data AnalyticsAnimal Data Analytics

What is AviTRAX?

Information management system for the advanced control of the poultry industry.

Avitrax is a poultry software for the management of production, health, feed and additive use designed by ADA. It also allows easy monitoring of field trials to improve decision making and business profitability.


Available for broilers and layers


Predictor of the animals' exit weight


Management of all the data generated on your farm: production, health and environmental


Traceability of the chain


Integrated Poultry Production Control

AI and Machine Learning Applied to your Farm

Intuitive and Powerful Data Visualisation

Simplified Information Management

Field Testing

Use of Customisable Curves

Cloud Solution

Dynamic Reporting

Improve your Business Profitability

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Biorisk, created, developed and marketed by ADA, is a novel system that monitors and evaluates the internal biosecurity level of a farm, slaughterhouse, feed mill or any other related company/group of companies, objectively, with data and in real time.

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Biorisk External

Biorisk External, created, developed and marketed by ADA, is a digital system for real-time external biosecurity monitoring and improvement.

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